A: All trips depart Saturday afternoon with check-in starting at 3pm. We aim to leave at 5pm.
A: All yachts return to port Friday afternoon, with departure from the yachts no later than 9am Saturday morning.
A: Your yacht will be skippered by a licensed Yacht Master who can manage the yacht completely without your assistance. So you can simply sit back and relax, and feel free to sunbathe on the deck if you so wish!
A: Daytime temperatures during peak season will be very sunny and hot! You will only need to pack light clothes as it will get up to early and mid 30’s, with water temperature ranges from 23°C-27°C. Evenings will cool down to early and mid 20’s.
A: You will spend an average of 4-5 hours sailing per day, arriving into your new port by early afternoon so you have loads of time to enjoy the local hotspots!
A: No, you are free to come and go from the yacht as you please. Most nights we will be on a quay or in a marina, where you can walk onto the yacht directly, and for any other nights there is a dinghy available to make your way to and from the yacht.
A: Breakfast and lunch is included on your trip. Your Skipper will prepare this for you, and if you have any dietary requirements make sure this is indicated on your mysailinginfo.com page under Guest Details.
A: Yes, you are able to bring your own liquids and snacks on-board at no additional charge, which can provide substantial savings. There are local shops and supermarkets most days to replenish supplies and drinking water is included free of charge.
A: Each of our yachts can accommodate 8 people in 4 cabins.
A: Typically our flotillas sizes range between 3 and 5 yachts.
A: Each cabin sleeps two people with a mixture of twin single bunks or double beds, complete with additional storage. All linen is provided, and all cabins have windows and easy access to above deck.
A: All of our yachts have cabins with twin single bunks where you will share with another guest. However, we will ensure you are accommodated with a roommate the same gender as you whenever possible.
A: No bathrooms are en-suite. All our yachts have between 2 bathrooms on-board, which are shared between guests.
A: Every yacht has power points for charging any accessories. The yachts are equipped with European sockets, and you will need to bring a conversion adapter so that you can plug in your UK/NZ/AUS/international devices. We also have iPod jacks so that you can plug and play music on the yachts sound system.
A: Our yachts are not equipped with air conditioning, as this would require a secondary power source to run such as a generator.
A: We recommend packing a soft-sided bag. All you need is your swimming gear, light summer clothes, flip flops and a swimming towel. If you pack light it conserves space on your yacht and inside your cabin, making for a more comfortable journey! We generally advise against bringing hard cased, wheelie suitcases.
A: We ask that you restrict your luggage to a 20kg maximum. However, if you have any excess luggage with you we can keep it in our storage facilities at the marina for a small fee.
A: You may choose to pack trainers to wear for some of the excursions or extra tours, but you do not need to wear shoes on-board the yacht, or while walking around on deck. Most of our guests prefer to wear flip-flops on deck or go barefoot!
A: Easyjet, Ryan Air, Monarch and Wizz Air all fly from London to either Split or Zadar in Croatia. Our office staff can provide further advice and recommendations on flights and transfers for your specific travelling dates.
A: No, you don’t! Please see a full list of countries exempt from visas for Croatia here: http://www.visahq.co.uk/. Do please ensure you have more than 6 months before your passport expiry date. You might not be able to fly to Croatia without it!
A: You will need to apply in person at the Croatian Embassy. You will need to provide proof of your booking, which you can download from your mysailinginfo.com page. You can also check with your local consulate for further details or visit http://www.visahq.co.uk/.
A: We usually recommend drawing cash in smaller amounts during your week as there are many ATM’s available on all our routes. However, if you so choose you can easily exchange your currency for the local currency at the airport, or at any number of banks along the route.
A: Croatia uses the Croatian Kuna, not the Euro.
A: The best option when travelling from Italy to Croatia is to catch a ferry from Ancona, Italy to Split, Croatia. This is a more affordable option and most journeys are a very comfortable and easy overnight trip.
A: Our Skippers are mostly British, Irish, European or Australasian.
A: Our Skippers are generally the same age as our guests and range between mid 20’s to mid 30’s.
A: All of our crew are either native English speakers or are completely fluent, and have had lots of experience working within an English-speaking environment.
A: Our Skippers are all RYA certified Yacht Masters. This means they are excellent sailors with the ability to not only confidently and competently handle the yacht in all weather, they are also able to share their expertise with you if you want to learn more about sailing. They have also undergone an internal training program that has equipped them with all the knowledge they need to ensure a great week for all guests on-board.
A: Our Skippers have all spent time in the places we visit and will able to show you the best places to go, things to do and sights to see. They are also familiar with the local customs and traditions and will be able to guide you in your day-to-day explorations.
A: Our itinerary includes the best of Croatian nightlife and all the top island spots, and you will find most guests are in their early twenties.
A: We do not impose any kind of gender ratio but we do place great emphasis on having a good mix of genders within each flotilla and on any mixed yachts, ensuring a relaxed, fun atmosphere on your trip.
A: Yes! We do not offer single supplements, but instead we’ll match you up with a roommate of the same gender whenever possible, to ensure you are 100% comfortable with your accommodation.
A: Yes. We have never had an incident of theft on any of our trips and you will find sailing guests are generally very respectful of other yachts. You can store your valuables in your cabin or below deck and they will be safe there.
A: All our solo guests are well looked after by our experienced Tour Reps and Skippers who are on hand if you ever need any assistance.
A: Your Tour Rep and Skipper knows where to get immediate access to medical help in every location and will be able to assist you in getting there as quickly as possible.
A: During peak season the water is generally quite calm and most days you will not even feel the swell. In the case of slightly windier weather several guests have been able to manage any queasiness with anti motion sickness medication.
A: Life jackets are available as standard practice on all yachts, and if you so prefer you do not have to get into the water during your trip.
A: Yes. We strongly recommend arranging travel insurance in case of lost or damaged items or injury.
A: All travel insurance policies should cover you for sailing holidays where you stay within 11 km of land. All our itineraries stay within this distance at all times.
Please do check your policy schedule for full details.
A: Your spending money, visas, personal travel insurance, cost of optional activities and excursions, flights and departure taxes.
A: Yes, your Skipper will make sure there are specific foods suitable to your dietary requirements available for you. Please note that the range of specialist foods can be quite limited in certain areas, so we do recommend bringing your own favourite products along to ensure you have everything you need!
A: As a general rule £25-30 per day can provide you with additional meals and local spending money.
A: The local tax payment is to cover tourist taxes, marina and port fees as well as any fuel for the week.
A: There is one snorkel, mask and fin set on every yacht. You can also buy snorkelling masks and fins in each of the towns for a very reasonable price, or bring your own from home.
A: You can pay via credit or debit card on your booking management page or check our bank details listed on the same page.
A: All payments have to be made in GBP. With an international payment your bank will automatically make the conversion according to the current exchange rate.
A: Payments do usually take a day or two to show on your “My Booking” Section. If your payment does not show up after this time, please let us know the date of payment, amount paid and the reference used. We will then track your payment.
A: Yes, guests can pay separately using any of the payment methods. Please note all group members must use the group booking’s reference when making the payment.
A: International payments are easiest made either inside your bank branch, or using your bank’s telephone banking facility. You must use our IBAN and SWIFT codes when making the transfer.
A: International bank transfer charges are usually around £15. Please note these costs must be covered in your payment, otherwise it will result in a short payment on your trip costs.